Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home Stretch (pardon the pun)

I'm 35 weeks today...and officially in the home stretch until the December 28th C-section. I have been really, really bad at posting pics of what I look like along the way. With Noah, I think I took a picture of the baby bump every 4 weeks...with this one, well, let's just say I have taken pics here and there but not with any organization or purpose. Curse of the second born I guess. Here are a few to demonstrate that yes, I am in fact with child, in case my waddling, heartburn, and protruding belly doesn't give it away...

16 weeks
22 weeks

28 weeks

This entire pregnancy has been really fine for the most part. I'm definitely not one of those women that absolutely LOVE every single part of pregnancy...but I don't think I am in that minority that absolutely HATES each moment either. I'm kind of in the middle. First trimester was much better than with Noah (I was able to eat) and overall I have had pretty good energy throughout the second trimester and early third. But now, with four weeks left, I feel a dramatic shift has taken place and the mentality of "oh, my bump is so cute or I love feeling those kicks" has turned into what I like to refer to as nature's way of preparing you for birth. I am now officially in the "get this kid out of me" stage of pregnancy and dreaming about all of the things I am looking forward to as a non-pregnant mother of a toddler.  Here is my list:

1) If you know me, you knew this would be first...a glass of wine. Yes, indulging in a glass of wine on a quiet evening (what quiet evening you ask? when is this happening??) with no guilt as I watch Bravo or Lifetime is definitely something I look forward to with great anticipation....Pinot Grigio, chilled to perfection to be exact.

2) Putting those maternity clothes away. Yes, they are fantastically cute when you begin to show but get less and less cute when you view them on a daily basis and your wardrobe shrinks to only about 11% of what actually fits you. Wearing the same jeans every day with the stretch band over your middle...not cool after a while.

3) Peeing like a "normal" person. I haven't checked averages on Google, but I know enough about pregnancy to know that peeing constantly comes with the territory and that I am daily (and nightly) above the quota of visits to the bathroom...

4) Walking...not waddling.  I'm really not even that big (the baby is small and I have gained a little less than I did with Noah) but the waddling has started. Taking easy, long strides are no longer my way of getting around. Instead, it's a balance of shifting the weight in the front from side to side in a slow moving, huffing and puffing motion (especially if stairs are involved or long walks in a parking lot). Add a toddler to the mix and it truly is a miracle some days how I manage to get anywhere in a timely fashion...

5) Sleeping in more than two positions. You can easily take for granted all the things your body can do once you can't do them...and sleeping on my stomach is one of them. I am a "stomach sleeper" usually by nature...cuddling with a pillow wrapped around my arms. Resorting to just my side or even worse, on my back, can be pure torture some nights keeping me up...especially when baby decides it would be fun to kick me in the ribs or bladder.

6) Not worrying about every little thing I consume as much.  Pregnancy really does mean a long list of "don'ts" that if you let it, can make a lady very bitter. Don't eat sushi. Don't consume alcohol or caffeine. Don't go in a hot tub. Don't eat lunch meat. Don't swim with sharks. Yes, some of the items on the "don't" list have fallen on deaf ears for me. For example, I have definitely had much more caffeine this pregnancy than I did with Noah...which I have heard is normal. With your first, you tend to be super, super careful and take all of the advice you hear with full attention. However, I do have tinges of guilt occasionally when I order a Diet Coke at McDonald's because quite frankly, I need a pick me up! Now...I don't drink it all...just enough to satisfy me....and I am not drinking caffeine every single day...but coffee will be once again part of my daily morning routine after baby arrives, and probably more by necessity than by choice :-)

7) Getting back in shape.  Nothing is more humbling to me than when I bring the groceries in and have to take a breather from lifting all those bags. Now granted, I'm also taking a 30 pound toddler in and out of his car seat as well and chasing him around, but let's face physical activity really results around me lifting things instead of cardiovascular activities like walking/running. I'm excited to get my pre-baby body back...although am also very realistic that things will most likely not look exactly the same. I'm thirty...I will have had two children. That's a reality people that no amount of gym time or diet restriction can change which is fine with me. I think my first goal that would make me happy is not "huffing and puffing" when bringing in groceries...  :-)

It's a long list, I know..and I don't want to come off as complaining by any means. I know that I am very fortunate and blessed to even be able to conceive and carry a child...and I truly don't take that for granted. I am so excited to meet him or her and get into a new routine as a mother of two with all the cuddles, cries, and diaper changing that goes with it. I just know that my body is now telling me it's almost time...and I am not fighting it but instead looking forward to it.
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