Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away...

Yes, today's title is borrowed from the popular, amazing show Sesame Street. I watched it consistently throughout the 80's and now 30 years later I'm watching it again. Spring is finally, finally here!!! This week alone we're supposed to have highs close to the 70s and I couldn't be a happier mother, wife, and person in general. Knowing Michigan weather can be a little "schitzo"...I am soaking up the rays and taking my babies outdoors as much as humanly possible. It truly is amazing to me how the weather can change your mood in an instant.

Here is another picture collection from our adventures in February and March. We have been relatively busy with swimming lessons, playdates, and daily business of a home with two small children. Olivia is almost 3 months and Noah is six weeks away from turning 2! Cliche, but true...where is the time going?

First time bowling

Intently watching where his ball is going

Enjoying a treat with Grandma

Sitting with "Papa" Hagewood
Went to the Michigan Lutheran District games to watch "Uncle Micah" Olivia is cheering with her great grandparents :-)

Swimming lessons part deux

Wearing Nick's Arkansas Razorback hat...

My sweetheart...almost 3 months :-)

Amelia and Noah playing

Special treat...riding on the big tractor with his great grandfather :-)

Enjoying the playmat

Hanging out with his pal, Ray :-)

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