Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bedroom Makeovers

It's been a long time coming...Noah has technically been in his "big boy" room for almost 2 months, but it has truly taken me that long to really get his room in order. With the arrival of Olivia and the need (okay, the sheer excitement and want) to purchase new girl bedding for her combined with a week that was Noah-free (my parents have been watching him all this week so I could rest/heal up from my C-section) gave me no more excuses not to have both their bedrooms done.

It didn't take a lot really. Paint was already was just all those last minute, fine-touch details. Here are the before/after pics...enjoy!



My mom came up for a weekend in November to help paint it...I had the bedding chosen since the summer (from Target) and chose one of the brown tones to make his room more "masculine" :-) All the furniture was scored at the lovely Canton IKEA. Special thanks to my mom and Oma for adding the blue border to his bedspread, sewing the curtains, and extra bedding since I purchased "toddler" sized bedding...for a twin bed!  Oops! But it all worked out great.

Still need more photographs up in his room...this is the photo of Olivia's first day home. I framed it in a shadow box frame and used scrapbook paper to matte.
Little puzzle/book corner

Closet knobs from Pottery Barn :-)

This wall is a little plain goal is to frame some of Noah's artwork to display :-)

Now for our little girl's was Noah's baby room before, hence the neutral green color on the walls and the yellow/brown/green bedding before.


OLIVIA'S ROOM AFTER (Thanks, Babies R' Us!)

Letters already pre-painted from JoAnn Fabrics.

Lots of butterfly decals

Loved these colors right away when I saw it in the store! :-) Pink can be overdone with girls...purple is also my favorite color!
 Happy to report that Olivia has slept in her beautiful crib three nights in a row...such a good little sleeper and she looks so, so tiny in that huge crib!

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