Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Book Bin

Okay...maybe I'm a "bad parent" but we had to make an executive decision recently. Since around the age of 8 or 9 months, Noah absolutely loves being read to...however, on his terms. His idea of "storytime" is choosing books among a huge explosion of them on the floor, bringing them up to you, having you put him on your lap, us trying to read the words quickly, him turning the pages as fast as possible, and then asking to go down quickly to get another book. Not quite sure how much "vocabulary" is getting in there...but I know the power of reading to your child (being a teacher myself). It's a wonderful activity that he quite frankly prefers even over playing with his many other toys!

The breaking point for us, however, has been that when books are around...Noah just desires that one-on-one attention from us the entire day. If he had his way...he would ask to be read to througout the day hundreds of times! And quite honestly, at times it is just the action of choosing a book, being picked up, being put down that he enjoys along with turning the pages. After five or six books, it's difficult for his already short attention span to maintain enough stamina to get through even the simplest of books.

What should we read tonight?
So...mommy has put her foot down with a side order of guilt. I have set aside a BOOK BIN of only books he can get through (and that are cardboard baby books). The other books I have put aside in his bedroom for another day. The book bin is also hidden throughout the day on top of our TV stand out of sight. Our current routine is that we only get the book bin out around 7:30 before bedtime. We pull it out and Noah has 30 minutes for us to read as many books (and as many times) as he wants. While at first I felt some guilt about it (what's so bad about wanting to be read to a lot? Am I taking away his love of reading by not making books available all day?)...I now see the positive of this new routine. Noah's attention is much sharper at this time since he's winding down for bedtime. It's also nice because it's a treat now for him and he's that much more excited choosing books...instead of just choosing books when he wants attention (like bringing me a book when I'm trying to wash dishes). It's also encouraging him to discover his other toys and hopefully (fingers crossed!) gain some independent play time skills throughout the day (something he is definitely LACKING at this point...not sure if that is daycare, his personality, our parenting skills, normal????).

So for now, this routine of reading at 7:30 and bedtime (or "night-night" as Noah knows it as) at 8:00 is a peaceful time of day I am definitely learning to look forward to and cherish.
My little man handing me a book and "asking" in his question voice. :-)


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