Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today I have reached what some mothers have referred to as a pivotal age where their "baby" moves from infant to toddler. One friend of mine always claimed that once her children turned 18 months, things started getting easier...and at this point I can agree.

First of all, I literally can not believe that my little peanut is no longer the helpless infant he was only a short year and half ago. Here he was less than a week old (note the hospital bracelet still on his tiny wrist):

Here is my darling boy today @ 18 months!

Loves doing puzzles...
...and running!
I am continually amazed at how quickly he is changing...examples include that as of a week ago, Noah is now able to go down our stairs all by himself so we have taken down the "baby gates" for now. He has added to his animal repertoire by imitating not only a cow, bee, and lion...but now a sheep. He can identify tons of animals in his own way and is starting to read books and play independently for longer periods of time (Hallelujah!). He knows where his hamper is to place dirty clothes in, he understands where his head, hands, tummy, and nose are located, and is beginning to love his routine of watching Sesame Street after his nap. He can ask for his drink, snacks, pacifier, or ask for help without throwing himself on the floor. He is no longer too rough with peers by grabbing hair or clothes but instead "pets" babies and friends with "gentle hands" and a smile on his face.  And, best of all, after 9 months of drill-and-skill training, Noah gladly says "mama" when he sees me now!

My small, tiny baby is a baby no longer...he is a toddler and there is not much I can do to stop it. Perhaps it's the pregnancy hormones, but I quite literally got teary-eyed watching a video Nick took of Noah the other night at McDonald's for his daddy date. Noah was eating a cheeseburger on his wrapper and picking it up with two hands and setting it down gently when he was done taking a bite...his sippy cup sitting nicely on his tray as well.While some reading this may think, get a grip, Michelle...To me in that particular video my Noah looked like a little person and I saw the years moving faster and faster. While there are times I am exhausted being with him all day and get tired of carrying him, dressing him, bathing him, changing diapers, preparing his meals, cleaning his messes...I know all too soon there will come a day when he won't need me as much...or at all. So for now it's my job to enjoy this time where he is moving from a dependent baby to an independent, smart, lovable, kind child I am trying to raise. :-)

Ok...where is that Kleenex again?

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