Monday, October 17, 2011

A "Praise the Lord" post :-)

This is a "praise the Lord" post that I really should be doing much more often :-) As some may know, at my last dr's appt for baby #2, the doctor was a bit concerned with the growth of the baby. Baby was in the 10th percentile of growth at 20 and 24 weeks...babies below 10th often have complications with their birth or development. So long story short...I have been trying very hard NOT to worry about how today's appt would go, but four weeks is a long time to find out if everything is going the way it's supposed to.

Today was my 28 week appt with ultrasound to check the baby's growth. He or she is now considered to be in the 21st percentile. When I heard that news I literally breathed a deep sigh of relief, so happy to hear that the baby continues to put on weight and develop normally. My doctor was also very pleased with progress but is requesting another ultrasound @ 32 weeks to monitor growth as a precaution.

Funny conversation with the ultrasound tech as she was reporting the growth measurements. She asked if I was eating more calories. I said no, not really believing that the more a mother eats the more the baby grows or weighs. Well apparently that does work today I have learned four important facts...

1. God is good and is truly taking care of me and my unborn child. I just need to continue to trust that he is working everything for our good.

2. My baby is officially 2 pounds, 10 ounces (still so tiny when I compare that to my 30 pound toddler!)

3. My scheduled C-section is tentatively planned for December 31st...may have a New Year's Eve baby! Break out the confetti and champagne!

4. I shouldn't say no to any cheesecake in the future...the baby needs those calories, right???

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